The Cute Texts You Should Write To Him

If you want him to miss you and to love you even more than he does, you should write him one of these texts! If you do not believe, then you will have to try it!

  1. If something you cannot do without him occurs, write him telling how you now need his awesome skill!
  2. If you miss him, tell him that! Write something like, “I wish you had a day off today.” And then see what happens!
  3. Write to him a cute message saying that you are lucky to have him.
  4. Thank him for doing something cute for you.
  5. Write to him with a plan for the evening.
  6. Inform him that you are expecting him at home. Make sure that he is ready!
  7. Tell him that your friends are jealous of your boyfriend.
  8. Write to him and mention something that happened one night.
  9. Ask him whether he remembers your first date, or any other date that you had.
  10. Just tell him when you are talking about him with your friends.

Basically, there are tons of things you can say to your man that will make him feel awesome. Just keep the messages, cute and short, and he will definitely love you!

How To Talk About Marriage

These are the things you need to discuss before you make one of the most important decisions in your life.

  1. You need to talk about whether you want to have kids. If one of you wants to have kids and the other does not, then you should probably reconsider whether you really want to spend your lives together.
  2. You should talk about the religion. And the religion of your children, in case you have some.
  3. You should talk about the wedding. Do you want to have a wedding? Do you want to make it big or small?
  4. You should discuss the money. Are you going to be able to make it? How are you going to deal with paying the bills? What if one of you is left unemployed?
  5. Should we have a joint account?
  6. Where do you want to live, or how do you imagine your future?
  7. What kind of home will we have? A house, a flat?
  8. You should discuss the chores.
  9. You need to talk about the things that you will have to work on as a couple. Your relationship will not last if you do not try.
  10. Talk about the issues that may occur.
  11. You should discuss about the things that you do not want to give up.
  12. And also, you should discuss whether you really are ready for it.

The Best Break Up Lines

Are you planning to break up? Well, good luck! Do not forget that it is important to have a plan. Do you have one? If not, then you should probably take a look at these tips on how to put it.

  1. You can say that you are both in different places now and that you have changed and your relationship does not make sense anymore.
  2. You can say that you do not think that it is working out.
  3. You can say that you simply need space.
  4. You can say that you did not expect your relationship to turn out the way it did, and that you no longer want to be in it.
  5. If your relationship feels like a hard work, then you can use this fact and say that you do not really think that it should be this hard.
  6. You can tell them that you think they deserve a better match. And that you simply do not believe it is you.
  7. You can say that you are not ready. If your partner wants to have kids and get married now and you do not really feel ready for it.
  8. You can say that you do not love them anymore. Although this is painful, if it is true, then you should probably say it.
  9. You can say that you are both heading in different directions.

How To Make Your Date Fun!

Are you tired of always going on the same dates? Dinner or a movie? Well, we agree it can get boring, but to be honest, it is a choice that everybody makes, because, well, it is “safe”. It is classic.

However, that does not mean that other date ideas are wrong, right? For example, these are definitely unconventional, original and awesome!

  1. Become tourists! Go into the museum, or see an interesting place in your town where tourists go!
  2. Spend afternoon by the river. Make a picnic! Watch the sunset. It will be romantic.
  3. Go volunteering together. There is nothing better than that!
  4. Go on a breakfast, instead of dinner. It will be different and fun!
  5. Go on a weekend away.
  6. Go play bingo!
  7. Attend a dance class. Or some other class. In case he is not into dancing.
  8. Go on a test drive in an expensive car.
  9. Go into the countryside. On bikes, of course.
  10. Go to a karaoke bar. Or, go see a stand up comedy show.
  11. Go to a local GPS treasure huning.

There are tons of options, you just need to make a plan! And the best thing you can do is to plan together! So that you both enjoy the date.


Cute Things You Should Do As A Couple

You are the one responsible for your relationship. It only depends on you whether it will or will not work. Luckily, there are some easy things you can do in order to make sure that your relationship will work!

  1. Cook for your boyfriend – learn how to make his favourite food! Remember that the quality really is not important. He will apreciate your effort.
  2. Give your partner a pet name. Something cute.
  3. Learn something new together! For example sign up for a dancing class!
  4. Do sports together. Go running. Motivate each other.
  5. Have date nights. For example every Saturday or every Tuesday. It does not really matter how often. Just make it special!
  6. Spend a day without wearing clothes. It will be fun!
  7. Go on a vacation together! Or on a trip. It does not really matter.
  8. Spend a weekend in a hotel. Simply to relax and forget about the problems.
  9. Have breakfast in bed.
  10. Or spend a whole day in bed!
  11. Make a picninc.
  12. Or go on a first date! Again!

See? It is so easy! The most important thing is to find time to do these things! Cbox Leech Premium Leech

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Things You Should Know About Money Before Turning 30

Do you always end up spending more than you expected? Well, we might know why! And if you want to know it too, you should read tihs list of things that you should know about money!

  1. Drinking a coffe every morning is actually not that cheap as you may think. Just imagine. You spend 5 bucks on coffe a day. That makes it 1,200 a year!
  2. Saving is good. Even if it is only 5 dollars a week, it is good.
  3. Track your credit score. You need to know where you stand.
  4. The fact that you are making more money does not mean that you have to spend it all.
  5. Do not overspend just because you can. If something is not worth the money, do not buy it.
  6. Make a budget. No matter how much you earn, having a budget will always help you save something.
  7. Make sure your money is in one place. Have only one account.
  8. Talk about money with your partner. If you have been together for a while, don’t you think you should know about each other?
  9. Make plans with your money. Otherwise you will just end up spending it on things you do not really want.

Once you learn how to work with money, your life will get much better!

Working Out While Sick

Well, since there are people who prefer not to skip a workout even when they are having a flu or a cold, we have decided that instead of trying to put you off exercising while feeling sick, we will help you do it so that you do not harm yourself even more and that you do not harm others.

So, if you are determined to have your workout, please, before you head off to the gym, read these tips that will help you create a new workout routine you will use while being sick. Here it goes:

The first rule is, that you should not push yourself into it if you do not feel like doing it. However, if you think that you can, then why not?

If you are having a cold, then there is no reason to avoid a moderate exercise. Note it – moderate! So walking, dancing or jogging are fine. But do not do them if it is too cold outside!

But definitely avoid going to gym. You do not want to make other people sick just because you could not stand lying in a bed, having some rest anymore.

Just go outside and have some fun! Enjoy!

Which Exes Should Your Partner Know About?

Of course you are not going to let your new boyfriend know about your exes on the first date. However, eventually, you will have to tell at least something. Because hiding your past and not being honest with your new partner can only lead to a breakup. But, it is also important to note that your partner does not have to know about every single guy you dated. So let’s discuss which ones you sould tell him about and which ones you should not.

  1. You should tell your partner about your first crush. It will just be entertaining. We all know that first crushes are always funny.
  2. Also, you should tell him about your first intimate relationship.
  3. And the most serious relationship you had.
  4. And other serious relationships.
  5. Those exes that your parents hated. This way, he will be able to learn from their mistakes, right?
  6. Those exes that you are still friends with.
  7. The ex who is still not over you. Because, we all have this ex, or it may not even be an ex, it may just be a friend that kind of has a thing for you.

Just remember that you should not be forcing your partner into this conversation. It is only up to him whether he wants to hear it or not. If he wants, be open. If he does not, just do not bring it up.  Although, we do believe that he will change his mind.

How Stress Makes Your Skin Worse

It is true! Stress can worsen your skin. I know that you probably do not like to hear this, because, let´s be honest, it is not easy to get rid of stress as it is to stop eating greasy foods or something. However, we do hope that once you learn that when you are stressed, your skin is stressed too, you will try harder to do something for your mental health.

  1. Wounds – your wounds can heal more slowly when you are stressed.
  2. When you are stressed, you perceive the pain more intensively.
  3. Did you know that stress can make psoriasis worse? That is right!
  4. Also, the natural protection of your skin weakens when you are stressed.
  5. And of course, eczema gets worse whenever you have a stressful period.
  6. One of the worst things that stress makes worse is probably hair loss.  If this is your case, you should consider therapy.
  7. Rash – can appear in your mouth or around it when you are stressed.
  8. Itching can also be caused by stress.
  9. Acne – apart from being directly linked to stress, it can also be linked to anxiety or depression.
  10. Rosacea – facial flushing can occur when you are under stress.