Mike Tyson´s Bitcoin ATM Is Real!

If you own Bitcoins you might find this info interesting. The controversial currency launched “The Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM” in Las Vegas. What this ATM enables you to do is to buy Bitcoins, however, it does not give you the option to withdraw. Well, it definitely is a curiosity, don´t you think? It does not even sound real. But it truly is!

Although, if you do want to use it you should know that it is not very convenient, the machine charges 10 percent more than is the current exchange rate for USD-BTC.

So, perhaps it is just a cheap trick, don´t you think?

This Collar Will Track Your Dog´s Location

And it is able to do so much more! Is it not awesome? With this collar, taking care of your pet will be a lot easier. You will no longer have to worry about losing your dog in the dark because this LED collar will make your pet visible. It also tracks the activity and has temperature sensor. Plus, the device is waterproof!

Ain´t that awesome? Well, this device is however not available yet. Also, the thing which makes the collar less attractive for potential customers is the price, which is up to 300 dollars. We will see whether Squaker – the Australian startup – will manage to raise up the money to start the production. What do you think?

Spotify: The New Features

Spotify is very popular among…well among all the people. It is a great software when you want to listen to your favourite music. Or when you want to get to know some new genres or new interpreters. Spotify is just what you want and need.

And now it is even better equipped to serve your purpose. A new tool called Discover Weekly creates a two-hour playlist which is based on your music preferences. What is even better is that the playlist is regularly updated, so that you can always enjoy the fresh new music. So quickly check out your playlist and see what Spotify has chosen.spotify


London’s Routemaster Buses: Green Or Not?

London is trying to be green. However, is it really working out for the city? Well, probably not. Even though the Mayor Boris Johnson has fought for green public transport the Routemaster buses are said to have faulty batteries and are also overdependent on diesel. Apparently, the batteries are not working properly and so for most of the time the buses work on diesel. So as a result, there is practically nothing being improved.

This should change soon as the batteries are now being upgraded. It should be done within the warranty period so that it does not cost the city and the taxpayers more money. Well, we will see whether the situation gets better afterwards.


Using Bluehost Cpanel For All Users

Screen-Shot-2011-07-30-at-11.43.24-AM1A lot of times when people are running a site they do not know much about the entire process. Especially, for someone who is running it for some sort of profit or business it becomes important that you educate yourself on all the background things that you need to know, otherwise it can become quite difficult and really hard to deal with. This way you can ensure that your site is headed to the right path and you know how to fix little bugs that may come along your way in the entire process.

Not enough money to hire a web designer

To begin with, not everyone has enough money to hire a web designer. Even though hiring one may be a great idea because they know everything about software’s and website, but they can be quite pricey, which can be very hard to deal with and it is better to not deal with them. This little discussion will be very helpful for those who are wanting to learn a little bit more on the entire subject and would like to take matters into their very own hands, so that they can control their site easily and do not screw while they are doing so.

How to gain access to your control panel

If you are wondering how to gain access to your control panel you are probably just looking in the incorrect place. It is not as complicated as some paint it to be, you can easily learn the process if you follow a few simple steps. You can learn how to use the bluehost cpanel for all users by simply going to the site if it is already not targeting towards bluehost. Using the bluehost site will make the process a lot more easier for you as it will help link your site directly to it, without having to do any type of extra work or waste any more time.

Set up an account with a username and password

mojo-cpanelYou should also set up an account with a username and password. After you end up making an account and putting in a username and a password for the account they will also ask your for your email. They ask you for your email because they will end up sending you an email on your account. This is to confirm your account and ensure that all the information that you have provided them is true and that your identity is not false. It is part of the entire process to help keep things secure.

Getting a hold onto the control pane

In conclusion, getting a hold onto the control panel is not as hard as some people make it sound. However, being skilled in the field can quicken things up, but it is not something that cannot be learned. If you put your time into it, you should be able to wrap your head around the idea and understand it yourself. Using bluehost cpanel for all users is amazing and really helps everyone out in the long run. Hopefully you found this short discussion helpful, if you need more help you should also be able to find it online on other sites and forums.

Quality of Ninja Masters Blenders

ninja-blender There are quite a few blenders that I haven’t tried on the market. With that being said, I have tried many of the popular models of blenders right now. I have to say that I have become slightly disappointed with the quality of blenders that are currently available. Funnily enough, it seems as though the blenders that were made in the past were of a high quality, and were more durable. Indeed, some of the blenders that I have bought recently have broke in a matter of a few months. I believe this is unacceptable, especially for a device that often costs more than $100. Hence, I was in a dire search of a blender that would not only last for a long time, but be efficient.

Many Variations

There are many different variations of food processors that are currently available. Some of these devices are small and are only really fit for food made for one or two people. On the other hand,ninja_swirl
these devices are available in immensely large sizes that are fit for industrial sized kitchens. I didn’t really want a big food processor. Rather, I wanted a device that was of a high quality, that would allow me to create the delicious and healthy food that I have been making for the past few years.


Hence, I have to say that I really recommend Ninja Master Prep Professional to anyone out there that wishes to improve the taste and quality of their cooking. Products such as this simply prove how important quality devices are when it comes to good quality cooking.

Discussing Onan Portable Generator Reviews

A generator is a large investment, simply because of how much it can end up costing you. If you are a business you may need many of these and you need to start accounting for these in your budget as part of your start up cost. This is not something that is given to you for free, however if you end up purchasing a large quantity a lot of times business who provide such generators will be able to make some sort of deal with you, so that both sides end up benefiting from the purchase. They may be able to give you a certain percent off, if you buy a certain amount from them.

Brand Quality

images (3)Like I stated above purchasing a generator is something that you need to be very smart about. For instance, you do not want to pay too much, but you still want it to be worth it, so it works and does not just break on you in the middle of no where. You want it to be from a company that you can put your trust in and that, so if anything does go wrong they can take responsibility and fix it for you.

Onan Generator

There is a generator like this, that you can take another look at. You should read Onan portable generator reviews, as this is a generator that a lot of people have been loving due to it’s cheap price and it’s amazing performance. Those who have invested in it have nothing bad to say about, instead even the reviews about it are mostly positive. Also, they have great warranty for people who want to ensure that they will be covered, the company will offer you great options to choose from, so that you can take it back if it starts to give you any problems.


It is important to read all of these reviews before you make your choice. You generac-XGseries-xg10000e-lgwant to compare each and everyone of them as well, so that you do not make the wrong choice. You want to make sure that you have ended up picking the best one you possibly could, so that your budget was well worth it. You also do not want to be super cheap with this sort of thing because if it ends up breaking in like two months and you have to coverage you will just have to invest in another one. That would be a long term loss and not something that you want to deal with, so it is better to avoid such issues by simply looking into all of them and doing your research ahead of time.


imagesOverall, if you are someone who is wanting to invest into a generator there are many options that you can choose from. However, I suggest you read Onan portable generator reviews because they will be good to your bank account and also your mind because you will not have to worry about them not performing. They are known for being a company that you can trust.

Windows Update Will Be Available On Samsung PCs Soon

The world is crazy about new Windows. Literally everyone is talking about it; whether the innovation is the right thing to do or not. And everyone is confused, despite everything that Microsoft promises. But now, when we all have that “Windows button” in the lower left corner of our screen, we simply want to click “Yes”. Right?

Well, these are our problems. But problems of Samsung PC owners are different. The software in their computers blocks automatic Windows updates for some reason. Fortunately, Samsung has promised to fix this problem in the following days, so users do not have to worry. The statement of the company was made earlier this week so hopefully, it should be all OK soon.


A Bevel Razor Review

3026432-inline-1280-bevelkit Bevel is an alternative to multi blade razors, electric razors and hair removal creams. If you have sensitive skin, curly facial hair or coarse facial hair, this product was made for you.
Bevel is a complete shaving system that includes a single blade safety razor, priming oil, a badger brush and an aftershave lotion.

Skincare products

The skincare products are designed to soothe the skin, prevent irritation and make shaving easier by preparing the skin and the hair.

Shaving products

If you look at bevel razor reviews, you will find a lot of people who used to suffer from razor bumps and irritated skin as a result of shaving talking about how Bevel helped them get clearer skin. If you need more information about bevel razors visit this helpful site. By combining soothing shaving products and a single blade razor, Bevel provides men with a way to get a close shave without irritating their skin.

Bevel-Razor-for-Coarse-Hair-.jpgBlade razors

The problem with electric and multi blade razors is that they pull on facial hairs. They are designed to slightly pull the hair out of its follicle so that it can be cut as short as possible. The hair is cut too short and the pore can close over the hair. This causes the hair to grow under the skin, a condition known as ingrown hairs.

Marvel Comics Now Available Via Kindle

If you are a fan of Marvel comics we have some good news. From now on, Kindle users will be able to buy famous comics such as Daredevil or The Amazing Spiderman. No more using Comixology app. But do not worry, the app will still function the same way it does now.

However, at the Kindle Store the titles will be available the same they they will be available in regular stores. The number of back issues you will be able to buy is 12,000. Is it not awesome? Well, since Comixology is the top-grossing book app on iOS, we believe that this info will meet with a very positive feedback from Marvel fans. The only thing that is left is to hope for the best.